Jan 14, 2017

Peikko Tatting. Delicate Japanese patterns!

I bought the Peikko Tatting book from Etsy about a year ago. I was really tempted at the simple, yet very delicate designs. I guess the use of ivory colour made it look very beautiful and dainty.

After struggling to decipher Japanese, I am happy to have cracked two patterns in her book.

1. Flower motif necklace: I loved that I learned the technique of single shuttle split ring while making this. Special thanks to +muskaan m for helping me with this.

2. Rose necklace: I was quite content with my first attempt of the 3D roses. I used the technique explained in this YouTube video.

Do share your thoughts! :)


  1. Your 3D roses garland is so very pretty !! Love the colours and your tatting :-)
    Great job on the necklace, too. Always happy to help ;-P

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